Aneta bistro

The best place to eat

We speak the language of fresh, healthy, delicious food just as nature taught us.Aneta’s passion for cooking is not acquired, it is innate. Aneta puts all her heart into cooking, which is why the dishes are so delicious.
The dishes prepared with the utmost care are appreciated by our clients, who are mainly Americans whose roots are Polish, while eating the dishes they recall their childhood years. They’re not the only ones who like Polish food. It is hard not to like, for example, dumplings (pierogi) or meat-stuffed cabbage (gołąbki), especially when they are so carefully and conscientiously prepared and served straight from the pot.

There was no home cooking in the Ocala area, no Polish restaurants, not even a similar one, no European ones, or the Eastern Russian borders.
This observation was Aneta’s inspiration for the opening of the Polish Bistro Restaurant at Aneta’s – authentic Polish cuisine at the end of 2018, and the opening took place in January 2019.
We are the only ones in the area to serve exclusively Polish beer within 90 miles, we have about 28 kinds of Polish beer. Every beer lover will find something for himself, we have such beers as lager, pilsner, radler, porter, amber.
Aneta proudly carries out the family culinary message, and the dishes whose recipes she brought from home are old Polish dishes such as dumplings, bigos, dovecakes, potato pancakes, goulash, pork chop, fried sausage, sour soup, red borscht and many, many others, which very often cannot be seen in any of the dan cards, nevertheless they are often served as a specialty of the chef, e.g. “Aneta”. They are often served as a chef’s specialty e.g. Bavarian pork knuckle or traditional Polish ribs which are not covered with sweet BBQ sauce. Ribs in Polish are marinated in a carefully selected blend of spices and baked with white wine, and they taste amazingly melting in the mouth.