I have been wanting to try this place for a while now and today was the day. Stopped in for lunch. I had the Kielbasa Sausage and cheese pierogis. They were amazing! Having been to Poland many times I can say these were very authentic! So excited to know I can get authentic Polish food in Ocala. While some have posted they thought it expensive( yes in Poland the same meal would have been $5.00) but considering the portion size ( brought some home for my son to enjoy) and how authentic it taste it is well worth the price.

Karolina W

Karolina WCustomer - Anetabistro

Small Mom & Pop place. Really good food. Brings back good memories of my time in Europe. To say Authentic is an understatement. Everything is fresh made and it shows. I don’t get here as much as I would like, wishing these folks much success. If you like Slavic, Hungarian, Polish food you really need to give them a try.

Dan V

Dan VCustomer - Anetabistro

This place is absolutely amazing. Only way to get more authentic is to go across the pond. The portions are huge and the taste is phenomenal, best place I’ve been to in quite a while. Everything is shipped in from authentic polish vendors. I’ll be back weekly for sureð??ð??

Jason King

Jason KingCustomer - Anetabistro

This is a nice family restaurant. Food is great, service is attentive. And finally a restaurant where you can talk to each other. So many family restaurants have the music so loud you have to shout across the table. Aneta’s is refreshing! We will be back.

L Godot

L GodotCustomer - Anetabistro